One-Day Health Retreat - TBA

what is a one-day retreat?


This One-Day Retreat is a mini-version of our Colorado Event to give you the experience + tools to unlock your best health. You’ll have the opportunity to experience Yoga, EFT Tapping, Emotion-Code, WaveTech, Touch for Health, Essential Oils, & Reflexology - along with organic, whole, nourishing foods and a nourishing experience. 



what you get to experience:


  • enjoy organic, whole, pure foods + recipes to take the goodness home!

  • experience yoga - 2 levels offered to include all levels of experience.

  • get a one-on-one session of your choice of Emotion-Code, WaveTech, Reflexology, or Touch for Health technique (spots are limited - first come, first serve basis).

  • clear what's blocking you from effortless health with EFT Tapping. 

“I think this retreat is for everyone! If you've never heard of any of the topics covered, you'll learn a lot at a pace and level that you can enjoy, if you are already familiar with some of it, you'll still learn, you'll be inspired and you'll meet all sorts of interesting people that will help revive your commitment toward good health. It was so affordable and felt like a real RETREAT.” - Lena

who are we?


We are, foremost, a group of friends working in the health realm who are passionate about living a life of health, freedom, & transformation. You’ll frequently find us geeking out on new health-conscious recipes, doing yoga and workouts together, spending late nights brainstorming transformational ideas, and supporting each other in our personal journeys. One-Day Retreats are led by Anna Hinds CHC -

meet the team

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*not pictured - Nathan King, Clay Trotter

who is this retreat for?

Health-conscious adults (age 18-up) who are open-minded about new healing modalities that will take your health to the next level. Our 4-day retreats are for gals only, but happily this retreat includes the brotherhood too.

what you’re getting:


  • Light breakfast + lunch + healthy snacks throughout day + dessert ($40 value)

  • Yoga Session ($18 value )

  • One-on-one session ($60 value)

  • Group Sessions - EFT Tapping, Essential Oils, & Energy Medicine  ($40 value)

  • Discount on program to help you take your health to the next level!

your investment:

$126 per person (Early Bird)

$144 per person

what people are saying...

"The things I have learned so far have been life changing. They have been the missing key that I didn’t know I was missing in my health journey. These modalities and practices have burned a longing to dive deeper and grow even more in all the things I have been exposed to thus far from the one on one sessions, to the one day retreats and the 4 day retreat. So grateful!" - Brooke

“This retreat was an incredible value for the cost! I knew I would gain some great tools by attending, but I did not expect to gain so much awareness about my own emotions. This is more than a "health retreat" it is a chance to look inside yourself and become the best version of you!“ - Lucy

The One-Day Retreat is such a refreshing and uplifting event. I would highly recommend it to people who are on a personal healthy healing journey.” - Gloria

“What a wonderful day! For someone like me, who knows he wants to more intentionally connect the dots between mind and body, this is an amazing opportunity to get a curated glimpse at what is out there. It is truly a blessing to not only understand the effects of the "stuff" we put into our bodies and minds, but also to understand how we can take care of the "stuff" that is already in there.” - Nathan 


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