One-Day Advanced Retreat - TBA

If you've attended a One-Day Retreat and want more, this is for you! 


A "next level" event, this retreat gives you a deeper experience + tools to unlock your best health! 


You'll be immersed in "a day in the life" - beginning with a morning meditation, yoga and liquid sunshine green juice. A healthy brunch will be served, with high-vibing snacks in the afternoon!

The purpose of this event is to help you go beyond knowledge. We want to help you drop into a new experience in order to change the trajectory of your mind and body. You'll receive a one-on-one session of your choice, along with group sessions options.


One-on-one session options: Emotion-Code, Touch for Health, Reflexology, & WaveTech

Group session options: EFT Tapping, Energy Medicine, Essentials Oils

who is this retreat for?

Health-conscious adults (age 18-up) who have completed a One-Day Retreat. Our 4-day retreats are for gals only, but happily this retreat includes the brotherhood too.


what you get to experience:


  • enjoy "liquid sunshine" green juice - along with other smoothies and morning elixirs

  • experience yoga - 2 classes offered to include all levels of experience.

  • EFT Tapping/Meditation exercises to help your mind get on board with all the great changes you want to make. 

  • a deliciously healthy brunch + recipes to take the goodness home!

  • receive a one-on-one session of your choice - Emotion-Code, WaveTech/Inner Voice, Reflexology, or Touch for Health (spots are limited - first come, first serve basis). 

  • group sessions of your choice - Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping, and Emotions & Essential Oils

who are we?


We are, foremost, a group of friends working in the health realm who are passionate about living a life of health, freedom & transformation. You’ll frequently find us geeking out on new health-conscious recipes, doing yoga and workouts together, spending late nights brainstorming transformational ideas, and supporting each other in our personal journeys. One-Day Retreats are led by Anna Hinds CHC -

meet the team

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what you’re getting:


  • Light breakfast + brunch + healthy snacks throughout day + dessert ($40 value)

  • Yoga Session ($18 value )

  • One-on-one session ($60 value)

  • Group Sessions ($40 value)


PLUS, how do you even quantify the VALUE of connection, inspiration, and a 

health-conscious community in a life-giving environment...?

what people are saying...

“The one day retreat really opened my eyes to some pretty amazing healing techniques for the whole being..... I look forward to more!!!” - Heather 


“I have been trying to lose weight (and keep it off) unsuccessfully for many years. The work that Anna does gives you tools to release toxic thoughts and emotions that will actually help your body get on board with what your mind wants. If you are interested in reclaiming your health through modalities that challenge you to look inward along with fueling your body with healthy foods and exercise, this is a great place to start.” - Staci 



“Anna and her team provide a warm loving space to bring people together so to help others by teaching the benefits of removing mental or emotional blocks , movement, nutrition and mindfulness. It’s amazing how one day can rejuvenate the mind and spirit. I look forward to the long retreat in the fall.:)” - Tina 



“It has been a few weeks since I attended the one-day retreat and I cannot express what a gift it was and continues to be on so many levels. I daily see a ripple effect from it in my health: mind and body. I can’t wait to attend again and continue to spiral my health upward.” Amanda


your investment:

$126 per person

(Early Bird Price)

$144 per person