what are "naked retreats"?

You truly want to be healthy, but it can be challenging to make the necessary changes in the midst of your busy life. This 4-day health retreat gives you the space away from noise, busyness, toxicity, technology, and responsibilities, so you can clear the blockages to your healthiest self. 

 Discover nurturing tools - such as organic, pure, nourishing food, Yoga, EFT Tapping, Emotion-Code, AromaTouch & Essential Oils, and Reflexology to support your healing process.

why "naked"?

We know what you’re thinking, but no worries, this is a fully clothed event. What “naked” means is the chance to strip away the toxic foods, toxic thoughts, toxic emotions that block your best health. We also love to create a space where it’s safe to let go of performance (this is a make-up free zone), comparison, and the need to have it all together. 


We believe that when you have the chance to be raw and real, you can better understand what might be blocking a level of health you can love.


This retreat is for women (ages 18 and up). 

upcoming retreat

MARCH 18-21, 2021
Held on an estate in the Texas Hill Country, this is the perfect place to dig, heal, connect and transform. Welcome to the health retreat you've been waiting for...

what you receive 

  • Group Sessions for creating change and clearing blockages to your healthiest self

  • Nourishing food - organic, congruent, healing foods - all meals included!

  • One-on-one sessions of Emotion Code, AromaTouch, & Reflexology

  • mini-sessions of Energy Medicine, and Essential Oils

  • Intuitive Eating practices & guidance

  • Yoga Sessions - 2 levels offered

  • Time to be in nature - a place to dig, heal, and connect.

  • Accommodations included in retreat home (room types vary)

  • BONUS #1: "Clear Your Blocks To Glowing Health" - a 4-week course to prepare you for the retreat.

  • BONUS #2: "The 3-Day RESET" - a simple, effective guide to cleanse and uplevel your health in only 3 days. 

how to be eligible 

We want everyone to experience the magic of this retreat. We also want to get everyone on the same page so we can take it to the next level. In light of that, participant must have taken, or be in the process of taking the "Clear Your Blocks To Glowing Health" Course, or completed at least 6 health coaching sessions with Anna.

Fill out the application form below, and a member of the Retreat Team will contact you pronto!

Deadline to apply - MARCH 1, 2021

your investment

Your lodging and food are all included in the cost of the retreat. Travel to and from the retreat is all you are responsible to negotiate.

Accommodations in the retreat home included several master suites with a King-sized bed and one twin bed per room with adjoining bathroom. There will be 3 participants per room. Cost for each participant is $950 - $1100. (check out the finer details for more info)



Want more details? Connect with us!

PHONE NUMBER: 806.632.1464

EMAIL: hello@nakedretreats.org

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