what are Naked Retreats?

Naked Retreats are health retreats created for those who desire radiant health - but need the tools and practical help to get there.


Created as a sacred space to dig, heal and connect - this is the health retreat you've been looking for.

why "naked"?

We're pretty sure we know what you're wondering - but no worries, these are fully clothed events :). 


Getting "naked" is all about clearing toxic foods, toxic thoughts, and toxic emotions

that could be  blocking you from radiant health. 


We believe that true health already exists in you. Our job is to help clear whatever is blocking our body's ability to heal itself.


We think the best way to do that is to create a safe space away from daily life

so you can discover the tools to unlock your best health. 

One-Day Retreat

One-Day Health Retreats in Lubbock, TX 



One-Day in Lubbock, TX

Naked Retreat

4-Day Health Retreat

meet Anna

"I'm a Health Coach, EFT Practitioner, & Yoga Instructor.

I'm passionate about giving you the environment + tools  to UNLOCK your best health through whole, organic, nourishing food, yoga, EFT Tapping and so much more! This work is my light-up - and I love supporting you in your process of health. 



Want more? Contact Anna to learn more

about the next Retreat!

PHONE NUMBER: 806.632.1464

EMAIL: hello@nakedretreats.org

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